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Wondering who is the best private investigator (PI) in Singapore? When choosing the ideal PI for your case, there are several factors to examine before making this huge decision. First and foremost, the perfect PI would be one that has years of experience handling cases that are of the same nature as yours. This ensures that he is well-versed and will be able to better advise you accordingly throughout the course of the investigation.

Another thing to take note would be the PI’s credentials and trustworthiness – ensure that the agency has a valid licence from the Singapore Police Force (SPF). Also, arrange for numerous face-to-face meetings with the investigator and gauge for yourself if he is sincere, reliable and transparent about the procedures, costs and fees involved. Lastly, you may also want to enquire if the agency is able and willing to testify in court if your case may require such a service.

Having these considerations in mind, have a look below for the best private investigation agencies in Singapore.

Integrity Investigation Services


Email: Enquiries@Integrity.Sg

Contact number: 6245 8548 (Call) / 9710 5999 (WhatsApp)

Integrity Investigation Services was founded by a former SPF officer with ample experience handling surveillance and criminal investigation cases. All their valued staff have undergone professional in-house and on-the-job training, ensuring that they have the integrity and discipline to see through every client’s case to the best of their abilities.

The team specialises in a myriad of services including matrimonial and family investigations, commercial investigations as well as other services such as Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking and finding missing persons.

Even though the team is based in Singapore, they have had the experience and are hence proficient in conducting investigations overseas as well, especially in the ASEAN region. They believe that it is their duty to protect your privacy throughout the investigation and to work within a pace that is comfortable for you. If you are interested in their services, you can call them at their 24-hour hotline for a non-obligatory quotation.

Mr. Detective

Known to be a trustworthy and seasoned PI agency, Mr. Detective has accumulated many years of experience as past police officers who have worked on criminal and commercial cases of different natures. They strive to provide quality service with their 24-hour complimentary consultations and Rapid Response team that is able to start your investigation at once upon request.

Licenced by the police, Mr. Detective is able to offer the quick results and timely evidence that you need, and you can trust them fully to give you appropriate advice to guide your course of action. They focus mainly on conducting surveillance, gathering information and computer forensics. Cases are not restricted to a local scope as the team has done investigations in other Asian countries and even countries as far as the United States and United Kingdom.

At the end of the investigation, all required evidence based on your case’s requirements such as videos, photos and case reports will be given to you.

APAC Investigation & Consultancy

Contact number: 6747 0313

APAC Investigation & Consultancy has two main departments that carry out different investigative services, namely the Private Investigation Department and Mystery Shopper Department. Their PI Department consists of experienced ex-police officers that have been checked for past criminal records, so as to ensure that their team can be the reliable and skilled PIs that clients are looking for.

Because they understand the importance of protecting their clients’ confidentiality, all team members on the APAC team guarantee that they will operate in a discreet manner that is appropriate for clients. On top of that, they focus on doing real-time GPS tracking and investigation services like investigating teen activity, professional misconduct and conducting employment background checks.

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