Employment Background Check

Employment background checks are highly advised to be conducted prior to the hiring of any job applicant. Some of the information that can be obtained pertaining to the applicant include past education, working experience, certifications, criminal records, financial records and online searches.

These information will aid employers in validating the documents that candidates have provided during their job application and interview. It is only right to only hire honest and ethical candidates who do not fabricate their resumes just so they can land a job. The following are more reasons as to why you, as an employer, should conduct an employment background check.

Why should you conduct an employment background check? 

  • Falsified information provided

    • Applicants might embellish their resumes to sound like the perfect candidate for your job role. In this case, if you were to hire someone with false credentials, it would affect the morale and productivity of your current employees. According to a survey done by Robert Half, a bad hire can occupy 17% of a supervisor’s time, which equates to a whole day per week.
    • No matter how sincere a candidate seems to be, be sure to always do a mandatory check to verify all the information he has provided. If he is as competent as he claims to be, you have gotten yourself an asset to the company and if he is not, you did your part by conducting a background check that was necessary.
  • Workplace theft

    • A background check reveals any criminal records as well as the legitimacy of an applicant’s credentials. In the event that a dishonest candidate is hired, your company will be susceptible to workplace theft in the form of stealing cash, inventory or even stealing or selling sensitive data. This, hence, emphasises on the importance of conducting background checks once again.
  • Creating a safe workplace for employees and customers

    • Employers have an obligation to create a safe workplace for employees by tackling issues such as workplace violence. Another thing that a background check discloses would be any history of physical violence or misconduct that may harm other employees or customers, whether physically or psychologically.
  • Negligent hiring

    • Negligent hiring refers to an employer’s liability for an incident caused by an employee when the employer knew or should have known that the employee posed a risk. For example, if a goods transportation company hired a new employee without knowledge of his past accidents when delivering items, the employer will be responsible for any lawsuits that follow future incidences. Negligent hiring lawsuits are extremely expensive and one bad hire might cost your company approximately $17,000, so be sure to do a thorough check as an insurance to your company and existing employees.
    • If you decide to conduct checks using your own background check systems, note that the information you can get may be inaccurate and outdated. Also, self-checks might be too time-consuming and you might lose a potentially excellent candidate in the process. This is why, most of the time, employers turn to hiring private investigators to do a quick and detailed background check.

Why choose Premium Private Investigation Service?  



Licensed by the Singapore Police Force, Premium Private Investigation Service was established with a team of former police officers who have had extensive experience dealing with criminal and commercial investigations. Over the years, the proficient team has conducted numerous employment background checks for government organisations and private companies.


Right tools

On top of being experienced, they have constantly upgraded their equipment to better serve their clients. They also have their own Cyber Investigations department that is licensed to do decryption and extraction of emails, text messages and other communication means as well as recovering of deleted photos and data.

With our experience and the right tools at hand, the team is guaranteed to be able to aid you in conducting a background check efficiently and effectively.

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