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Finding a recommended private investigator (PI) may be a challenging task for many – especially due to the discreet nature of it, it is hard to find credible online reviews about their services. In order to make a more informed decision, you can start by doing your own research to find out about the private investigation agencies in Singapore through their websites and social media pages. Take note of their years of experience, background as well as areas of expertise and make sure that they align with the services you need.

If you are satisfied with what you have found, schedule a consultation with the private investigator to get to know him/her better. Through the interaction, the PI would be able to address your concerns while you would be able to clarify your doubts. Having multiple face to face conversations would help you to decide if the PI is truly professional and trustworthy for the task.

Premium Private Investigation Service

Here are Premium Private Investigation Service, we are trusted and recommended by many clients and law firms. Over the years, we have also grown to become a trusted brand in this industry. Below are some reasons why our clients continue to trust us.

1. Years of Experience

Established in 2005, the team at Premium Private Investigation Service Invest includes many ex-senior police officers who are experienced in criminal and commercial investigations of differing natures. Other than being licenced by the Singapore Police Force (SPF) to carry out its investigative duties, Premium Private Investigation Service has also been recognised by the Darutan Investigation Office of Japan for its competency.

2. Competent and Capable

Our all-rounded team specialises in matrimonial investigations, commercial investigations, civil investigations and information technology forensics. All private investigators are trained to carry out investigations in a speed that is comfortable for clients, to be transparent about all the costs and expenses and to give valuable advice to clients. Even though they are based in Singapore, Premium Private Investigation Service Investigations has successfully completed both local and global investigations for government and private companies as well as private individuals.

3. Transparent Pricing

We may not be the cheapest private investigators in Singapore but we definitely offer the greatest value in terms of the service we provide. We always try our best to understand the complexities of each case and properly advice our clients on what we can or cannot do and how to proceed. From there, you can decide whether you want to proceed or not.

4. Technologically Advanced

When out for surveillance, we use the very best tools to ensure that we can get all the data and evidence that you require. With the deployment of GPS tracking tools you will be able to know our each and every move. On top of that, we provide full video surveillance footage for every activations so you have the evidence you require.

5. Systematic Approach

Right from the first consultation, details regarding the subject should be provided so that our detectives can suggest a surveillance opportunity with minimal time wastage. We will try our best to understand the schedule and routine of the subject and structure our surveillance to avoid days and timings which are less likely to yield positive results. Every step of the way, we will also update you on the status of current finding and the plans for the next surveillance if necessary. Having a systematic approach allows us to achieve maximum results in minimum time, thereby saving costs.

6. ISO Certification

Our ISO9001:2000 certification is another testimony to our reliabilty and quality as private investigators. The certification is a symbol of our high level competency and quality standards in our field of investigative work.

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