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Premium Private Investigation Service is a recognised team of private investigators with a difference. Our investigators bring about a professional approach to your investigative needs, be it matrimonial, commercial, civil or cyber matters.

Private Investigator

Otherwise known as private detective or more informally as “(paid) stalker, a private investigator (PI) sets out to aid clients in uncovering the truth about various issues ranging from commercial fraud to adultery. A common misconception is that PIs are out to prove clients’ suspicions right to destroy relationships. However, PIs exist because of the growing demand for such services – in fact, they aim to diminish your unhappiness and bring you good news when possible. 

On top of that, PIs play an important role in assisting law enforcement organisations as they may be licensed with more flexibility and freedom to carry out the necessary activities needed to fully disclose the truth. When it comes to hiring a PI and going through the whole process, there are a few steps that you might want to take note of. 

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What are the steps involved in a private investigation?  


Schedule a consultation with your desired PI

A non-obligatory discussion would allow the PI to have a clearer idea of the client’s situation and concerns. Thereafter, the PI can then better advise the client on the most feasible approach towards getting the information that he/she needs. 


Planning of the surveillance

This is when the PI gets to know more about the subject from the clientsuch as his/her daily schedule, routines and habits. Attention will also be paid to the subject’s free timeoff daysspecial occasions and public holidays.  


Regular updates on findings

During the surveillance process, regular updates will be provided to the client pertaining to any recent findings as well as the status of the investigationAn evaluation of the timings will also be done to decide if the current timings used are fruitful to the investigation and if not, alternative timings will be tried in upcoming surveillances instead so as to be able to catch the action in time to gather timely evidence. 


Gathering of evidence

Video recording with date and time stamps will be shown to the client. When necessary, any photos can be obtained directly from the videos that have been taken.  

 The above steps are the usual procedures for PIs to get hold of sufficient relevant evidence to aid the investigation. This process helps in producing the best results in the shortest time possible, which in turn allows you to save costs. Moreover, do note that costs are mostly recoverable in court proceedings. 

Our Services

We specialize in conducting surveillance, information gathering and computer forensics and have successfully performed and fulfilled client work for government departments, companies as well as private individuals.

Why choose Premium Private Investigation Service? 

Licensed and Experienced

Premium Private Investigation Service is licensed by the Singapore Police Force to carry out all investigation activities required on our end. Our professional team is made up of past senior police officers who have had vast experience working on criminal and commercial cases.  

Be rest assured that our qualified staff will only proceed at a pace that our clients think is appropriate. Also, we will be with you every step of the way to provide valuable advice and prompt updates whenever necessary.  


On top of that, DP Quest has been certified with ISO9001:2000which is a validation of our expertise and ability to produce results at a high standard when it comes to investigative work.  

We provide 24 hours consultation and enquiry hotlines so you can contact us when it is convenient for you. Feel free to schedule a consultation at our office or through our hotlinesWhatsApp, SMS or email.  

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Jason Tan

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Kelvin Lee

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